Season 1

Ready to treat those taste buds? Well, we’re ready to cook! Please check out new media page as Divine Cooking goes beyond the everyday palate with “KICK ASS FOOD” and “KICK ASS FUN”.

SE01 EP05 - Onion and Chard Gratin

YouTube Premiere Friday August 14, at 7PM.
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SE01 EP04 - Poke Bowl

YouTube Premiere Friday August 7, at 7PM.
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SE01 EP03 - Salmon

YouTube Premiere Friday July 31, at 7PM.
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SE01 EP02 - Labneh

YouTube Premiere Friday July 24, at 7PM.
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SE01 EP01 - Banh Mi: Town of Okotoks Online Recap

YouTube Premiere Friday July 3, at 7PM.
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Town of Okotoks Online - June 23 Teaser

We will be hosting a live cooking show for the Town of Okotoks on Tuesday June 23, 2020, 3pm MST. Join us!
See it here on Twitch!